Rose white 12cm #1744


Item #: 1744
Name: Rose 12cm #1744
Detailed Description: A budget snow white 12 cm rose with 3 leaves on a 12cm stem with a 1.5cm brooch pin on the back. Made from a light weight polyester silk.
Colour: snow white
Dimensions: 12cm, 15cm with leaves, 24cm overall
Construction: Light poly silk
Price (incl GST) per selling unit: $4.00
Quantity in stock: 144 units
Items per selling unit: 1
Restock availability: no
Restock lead time (days): n/a
Weight (grams): 10
Packed dimensions: 28 x 12 x 7 = 2357 sq cm
Related items: Other budget items (search budget), Similar ivory rose #1745.
Applications: Budget decoration, hat, corsage, craft, Gifts, (chocolates etc..), Pew ends..
Look and Feel: Looks ok. Made from very light silk poly. Soft and floppy some petals may flop back. Could pass for fashion or white bridal accessories. A budget rose that looks reasonable.
Made in: Asia

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