Poppy Lest we Forget travel wreath 5439


Poppy Lest we Forget travel wreath 5439

A beautiful portable wreath designed with distance or international travel in mind. This classic Australian looking wreath will travel well. Pack it in your bag and take it to your destination with minimal care this wreath will look good. 30 cm will fit in most back packs. Bringing traditional remembrance Poppies together with Australian Wattle and Eucalyptus. Just the right size for travel. 

30cm diameter

Includes: wattle
eucalyptus foliage
yellow spring blossom
poppies red
Lest we Forget ribbon

On request, we can also include a product composition statement for wreaths going overseas, so that foreign border security officers may better assess the 100% artificial wreath (low) bi-security risk (if the occasion arises).

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