Frangipani Hair Clip (x2) 5260 ( frangi, frangapani )


A lovely yellow frangipani hair clip.

Buy in multiples for event favours.  

Measurements: 6.5 cm wide (with good hairclip)

Example, choose: 

1 in the 'quantity' box, and 1 in the 'packet size' of 2 flowers (for $2.00) or,

1 in the 'quantity' box, and 1 in the 'packet size' of 15 flowers (for $10.00), or

1 in the 'quantity' box, and 1 'packet size' of 50 flowers (for $30.00) only in the 'Packet size' box.

Or, for say for 150 flowers choose 3 'packets' of 'quantity' 50

In the 'quantity' box insert the number of 'packets' you want (eg: quantity: 2, packet size: 15, would get you 30 units).

Item No: 5260

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