Cabbage Rose Classic


Item #: 1287
Name: Cabbage rose classic
Detailed Description: This beautiful rose #78505 is about 14cm in diametre net (without leaves) and about 18cm including 3 + 3 leaves. It also includes a brooch pin. It makes a regal statement on garment. It transforms an ordinary dress into a gown. It can be worn on the front side waist or at the back waist and will even look great on a hat. The brooch pin can be mounted so the flower sits with the leaves at 6 and 9 o'clock, or 1 and 7 o'clock or, any other configuration.
Applications: wedding, bridal, formal, special occasion
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Colour: Can be custom made in any colour
Dimensions: 18 x 14cm (incl leaves)
Price (incl GST) per selling unit: $110.00
Items per selling unit: 1
Quantity in stock: Custom made to order
Restock availability: Contact
Restock lead time (days): 14
Made in: Our studio in Australia
Notes: see Custom made flower guide

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