Website aids

 Items that will help you get the most out of this website are:

  1. Have a pen and paper on hand to record item numbers and/or brief descriptions of the products that you are interested.
  2. Have a measuring device on hand to physically see the actual size of the product image, using the product dimension information. Some times image dimensions can be deceiving, and drawing a 1:1 circle representation of the item on your note paper can show actual sizes much more clearly.
    1. To help get an idea of the correct size of flower that you want. On your own, possibly with a mirror or with a friend, try to guess the diameter of the decoration that you want. Then, with a measuring device and paper cut a two dimensional real size representation of the size. Place the 'cut out' on the area to be decorated (dress, hair, accessory, etc..). Adjust the cut out till the approximate desired shape is acquired (write any notes on the final shape, keep in mind that flowers are 3 dimensional and that the 2 dimensional 'cut out' may appear noticeably larger when decorated). This template or pattern can then be communicated in centimetres or attached to an enquiry or order.
  3. If you want to record (wishlist) or share a particular product, then you can use the 'share' buttons on each product page. You can email the item to yourself for future reference, or email a product to a friend, including  subject and message. You can also click the "add to cart" button available on each individual product page to record your short list, then later edit the unwanted items out on the "check out" page (before checking out).
  4. Reading the help/faq page can be a great resource.