Ordering basics for custom made flowers

 The typical order process briefly explained

Custom made flower orders:

  1. Initial enquiry. Usually we receive a phone or email enquiry asking if we can make a specific flower or arrangement from particular fabrics to a deadline. Note: References to our 'item numbers' are very helpful. Also images are helpful to describe the flower decoration style that you want ("a picture paints a thousand words").
  2. Initial reply. We answer initial questions.
  3. Prospective customer queries any further concerns.
  4. We answer further queries. And recommend that they read our 'Custom made flower guide'.
  5. Prospective customer decides whether to go ahead with order.
  6. Customer downloads order form, or, hand writes order, encloses fabric/s, order, and any aids, like: images, drawings, templates, samples, etc..
  7. We make the order usually within 14 days (unless otherwise instructed) and generate an invoice.
  8. We contact customer for payment. Payment options include: credit card, direct deposit, cheque, paypal.
  9. Once paid. We promptly dispatch order packed appropriately, including invoice.
  10. Order delivered (usually by Australia Post).