Navigation tips

 Some tips that may help you better navigate this website.

  1. To go to the 'Home page' from anywhere, click on the ' ' Logo on the top left hand corner of the screen.
  2. To 'Go Back' to your previous page, click on the left arrow on your browser tool bar usually near the top left corner.
  3. To see what you have bought, click on the 'check out' button at the top right hand corner of the webpage. If you have not finished shopping, then click on the left arrow on your browser tool bar usually near the top left corner, to 'Go Back' to your previous page.
  4. Use the 'search box' near the top right corner of the page to quickly drill down to the product you want. Use key search words like:
    1. Type of flower, eg: rose, orchid, fascinator, gardenia, etc..
    2. Colour, eg: red, white, ivory, etc..
    3. Attachments, eg: brooch, hair, comb, etc..
    4. Size, eg: 10cm, 12cm, 14cm, 16cm, etc..
    5. Item number, eg: 78519, 78514, etc.. (Helpful when returning to the site or communicating a particular item to a third party)
  5. The main product pages on this site are:
    1. Custom: Showcase of custom made flowers that we can make.
      1. Custom Wedding dress flowers: Showcase of custom made flowers, for wedding dresses, that we can make.
    2. Wedding: Showcase of bridal and wedding flowers that we have in stock ready to dispatch, including:
      1. Bridal charms:
      2. Bridal Party Accessories
      3. Bridal party flower packages
      4. Other Wedding Accessories
      5. Wedding Bouquets
    3. Fashion: Showcase of silk flowers for general fashion decoration purposes that we have in stock ready to dispatch including:
      1. Budget flowers 
      2. Fascinators
      3. Hair flowers
      4. Race wear
    4. Interior: Showcase of silk flowers for interior decoration that we have in stock (mostly) ready to dispatch including:
      1. Budget Interior Decoration
      2. Craft
      3. Event venue decorations
      4. Vases
    5. Products: This page displays and briefly describes links to all the product categories and pages in this website, on one page, in a hierarchy format, so that somewhat less obvious products and links may be more easily found.
    6. Other very helpful pages are:
      1. Help: This page (and sub pages) will answer most questions that you may have about this website.
      2. About: This page will tell you about our artificial flower business.
      3. Contact: Will give you our contact and physical address information.
      4. Testimonials: Will give you an idea of what other customers think of our products and services.
      5. Custom made flower guide: This long page (prints to about 6 A4 pages) will give you all you need to know when considering  and ordering custom made artificial flowers, it may also be an interesting read for people wanting 'in stock' flowers.