Please see the list of popular queries below. If the list below does not address your query, please contact us.


  1. How do you charge for shipping?
  2. Explain the process of purchasing online (paypal, credit card, etc..)?
  3. How can I be confident that this website is trustworthy, reliable and secure? 
  4. How can I order or enquire the price, of a product that shows that it is currently 'Sold Out' on that product's detail page. Contact us with that item number (quantity required and a safe delivery deadline) we will then be able to tell you the item availability and pricing information. Most of our products (except 'custom made') are 'in stock' and can be dispatched quickly after receiving your order. When an online product becomes 'sold out' the price is also hidden. It may be that we have just temporarily 'sold out' of that item and have the components in a queue ready to re-make. Or, the item has permanently sold out and is waiting to be removed from the website. We try to promptly withdraw our permanently (or long term) 'sold out' items from the website but from time to time items are slower to remove than intended.   
  5. Are there any tips that would help me more effectively navigate this site? 
  6. Can I just order over the phone, email, fax, etc.. ?
  7. Do you have a physical shop?  Yes, see.. Contact us
  8. How can I get Custom made flower/s delivered urgently? Contact us!
  9. How do I use search?
  10. What other aids would help me get the most out of this web site?
  11. How do I record (or wishlist) a preferred flower/s from this website for later reference or sharing?
  12. What details should I know, to order 'Custom Made Flowers'?
  13. Are all displayed items in stock, ready to promptly dispatch? 
  14. How can I communicate the colour/s that I want to match?
  15. What fabrics can be used to make Artificial Flowers?
  16. How can I communicate a flower if I know what it looks like, but don't know its name?
  17. What are common flower names and what do they look like?
  18. What are the basic names of parts of a flower and plant?
  19. How can I find a particular colour?
  20. Explain the detailed description information for items?
  21. What are the pros and cons of artificial flowers verses real flowers?
  22. What if I can't find the artificial flowers that I want on this website? Contact us!
  23. How can I get availability information on products that display "Sold Out"? Contact us with the item number.
  24. How can I see a product that has no image available? Contact us with the item number.
  25. How can I see a link that leads to a 404 page error? Contact us with the link location.
  26. Where can I reference your old website?