e-commerce order process

The typical order process briefly explained: 

Note: This information is more for the first time or unsure online purchaser. Silkflowers.com.au and its parent, Bradford Potter Pty Ltd's online order and payment process is similar to most professional online stores. 

Note: Remember at any time you can order by email or phone using the product item numbers. 

E-commerce orders:

  1. You click on a product image that you like or are interested in finding out more information, say a white rose (eg: see red arrow below).
    1. eg: say, item 1744 
  2. This takes you to that product's detail page. On this product's detail page, to purchase this product, you click on the 'Add to cart button' (see red arrow below).
    1. eg: 
  3. You then get a confirmation statement: "Item added to cart! View cart and check out » " and, at the top right of the screen, in the shopping cart status box you get an increase from "0 Items" to "1 item" (see red arrows below).
    1. eg: 
  4. You can go on shopping or, click the link: "View cart and check out » ". or,
    1. Note: At any time you can click on the 'check out' button at the top right corner of all screens.
  5. When you select the 'check out' page you can:
    1. Adjust product quantities
    2. "Add a note for the seller…"
    3. Remove products.
    4. Return back to the products pages.
    5. Proceed to the standard or paypal checkout screens (in this case the standard checkout is processed also by paypal)
      1. Note: THE STANDARD LOCAL au$15.00 SHIPPING CHARGE (au$30.00 international shipping charge) APPEARS ON A LATER SCREEN (see red arrows below).
      2. Shopping cart, check out, summary screen, eg: 
    6. Proceed to checkout screen.
      1. If you are already registered with 'Paypal' you can express checkout (with which, you would be familiar. Go to step 7).
          1. Paypal member checkout screen 1, Checkout summary on left and pre filled payment form on right, eg:
          2. Note: The Paypal payment will be paid in the name of 'Bradford Potter Pty Ltd' this is silkflowers.com.au's parent.
          3. Note: Any Visa or Mastercard holder can easily pay through Paypal without having to become a paypal member.
      2. If you are not registered with 'Paypal' you proceed to a simple screen summarising your order and securely requesting your credit card and delivery details.
        1. Paypal non member, checkout screen 1, Checkout summary on left and payment form on right, eg:
          1. Note: Ensure that you have double checked your 'Payment' and most importantly your 'Delivery' details!!
      3. You are then given the option to save your details with 'Paypal' for easier, later checkouts.
      4. You then proceed to a combined 'shipping method' and a review and confirm order screen which gives you the 'total payment' including shipping, and the options to:
        1. Adjust shipping method (currently only one domestic available, Standard shipping $15.00), if you require express post please contact us.
        2. Receive occasional emails about: new products, promotions and news.
        3. Review our: Refund/Return policy, Privacy policy and Terms of service.
        4. Cancel, and return to store.
        5. "Complete my purchase".
          1. eg: 
      5. Your order is processed, approved (or declined if unfinancial) and a final order confirmation and thank you screen is presented, with the option to return to the silkflowers.com.au website. Thats it!
        1. Remember: If this works out to be all too hard, or, you hit a technical hurdle (which does occasionally happen) you can call or email your order through to 02 4443 4884 or info@silkflowers.com.au.
  6. We receive your order as soon as it is confirmed paid by the 'Paypal' payment gateway service.
    1. Note: The 'Paypal' service has a reputation for security and efficiency and processes payments for Paypal members and non members alike. Paypal can process Visa card, Mastercard and American express card. Paypal provides more payment options and easier checkouts for 'Paypal' members. See.. www.paypal.com
  7. You receive an order conformation email from silkflowers.com.au
  8. We pick, check, pack appropriately and invoice the order.
  9. We send the order usually within 24 hours (1 business day) of receiving your order, with invoice included (with the exception of custom made flowers (which may take a little longer to be made).
  10. We email you an 'order dispatched' advice.
  11. Your order is delivered:
    1.  Within Australia, usually via the Australia Post 'Ordinary Post' delivery service, unless otherwise instructed. 
    2. Outside Australia, your order is delivered usually via the Australia Post international air mail service, unless otherwise instructed.
  12. Please Note: It is the carriers responsibility (usually Australia Post), for the product in transit, between our warehouse and the instructed delivery address. This is a normal commercial delivery policy. Carriers usually have a maximum limited liability clause (eg: say, $50.00 for the substantiated loss of a post parcel) ordinary post parcels may be exempt from liability  Notwithstanding the above, we have little parcel loss with carriers but it does happen very occasionally. If you require more information about this risk, please contact us. If you want to insure the delivery loss risk to your purchase, please contact us. Insurance of a parcel usually entails a higher delivery charge and some sort of registration of parcel so that there is a documented proof of delivery.