Basic parts of a flower

 This page basically describes the major parts of a flower only in general terms, for the purposes of making artificial flowers, starting from the centre of the flower.

  1. Bud centre         
  2. Stamens (revealed after the above closed bud has opened or bloomed)            
  3. Petals                
  4. Calyx  back        
  5. Stem                  
  6. Leaf                      
For colouring purposes, the inner part of the petal is the 'foot' of the petal. 
The three dimensional impression in the leaves and the petals is called, the 'veining'.
The width of the flower from front to back is, the 'profile'.
The diameter of the flower is is called the 'diameter'.
To describe leaf or other placements relative to the 'brooch pin' or other fitments it is helpful to use the 'clock-face' method (taking that the top of the flower from the observers point of view is 12 o'clock) eg: "3 leaves at 2 o'clock and 2 leaves at 8 o'clock"