Artificial flowers verses real flowers


Why artificial? Well, a few valid reasons.. 
One or more of the bridal party may be allergic to one or more varieties of real flowers. 
You may want a practice bouquet that will last out rehersals weeks before the event. 
You may want a lasting token of the wedding, rather than a real bouquet that may only last the day (or possibly less depending on the temperature). 
You may want a throw away bouquet that will better withstand the shock of lots of friends fighting over it.
You may consider a back up bouquet that will be there in case the other doesn't arrive on time from the florist for a multitude of reasons.
You may be getting married in the islands or another remote place where reliable supply of suitable flowers is unknown. 
You may feel more relaxed if the bouquet is in your posession weeks or months before the event. 
(Tip - If you are getting real flowers from an unknown florist, ask the florist to provide contacts for previous recent wedding flowers, so you can research their customer satisfaction.) 

"Something old". You may have a peice of fabric/s, for whatever reason may be important to you or your family, that we may be able to make or incorporate into a flower decoration that could decorate part of the brides attire.