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Welcome to SilkFlowers.com.au. We make, import, stock, and sell, a comprehensive range of Quality Artificial Flowers and related goods, online. Flowers galleried below are just some of our products popular across all categories and available now.

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Menu Category Descriptions:

Custom - Custom made flowers - made from your fabrics (or ours) to your instructions for special occasions or applications

Wedding - Wedding Flowers - typically used on the bridal parties fashion: dress, waist, head-wear, accessories, etc
               Wedding and Event Venue Decorations - artificial flowers for decorating churches, halls, marquees, etc
               Wedding Bouquets - artificial wedding bouquets, posies and the like, in assorted themes, colours and shapes (usually in stock)
               Wedding party flower packages - beautiful artificial wedding bouquets, posy's, corsages, etc.. all in one package
               Wedding party accessories - ring cushions, guest books, petal baskets, etc
               Wedding charms - horse shoes, keepsakes, etc
               Other wedding accessories - misciellaneous wedding accessories


Fashion - Fashion artificial flowers - artificial flowers in stock used to decorate general fashion, mainly with brooch clips (or no attachments ready for stitch attachment)
               Budget fashion flowers - a sub group of cheaper priced fashion flowers
               Hair flowers - Artificial flowers more suited for wearing in the hair (usually with hair clips)
               Fascinators - Artificial flower themed hair decorations with flair!
               Race wear - accentuated fashion accessories usually decorated with artificial flowers

Interior - Interior decoration flowers - Artificial flower stems and arrangements used for decorating home and commercial interiors
               Budget interior decoration flowers - a sub group of cheaper priced interior decoration flowers
               Artificial flower arrangements - Artificial Flowers arranged in to arrangements that we usually have in stock
               Australian Native flowers - Australian native artificial flower stems and arrangements
               Artificial foliage - predominantly greenery without the flowers
               Artificial plants - to decorate domestic and commercial applications
               Garlands - long trails of foliage or flowers
               Vases - a small range of vases suitable for artificial (or real) flower arrangements

               Artificial fruit and vegetables
               Craft - artificial flowers usually of the smaller type that are more suitable for craft decoration purposes
               Funeral and Memorial Flowers and Arrangements

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