Bradford Potter is Australia's leading specialist maker of custom silk flowers.

**Due to consolidation and downsizing of our business.  Custom Australian Made orders will require at least 2 months notice. Internet orders of ready made Artificial flowers, etc. cannot be guaranteed within 5 working days, also, stock  levels will be reassessed.  So, leaving a contact number or, calling us before placing orders to check availability is highly recommended. 1300 SILKFL owers, 02 4443 4884.**


Our floral artisans hand craft flowers to your specifications or images, from your (or our) fabrics, materials, and inclusions.  The possibilities are endless.

We have been making Artificial Flowers for over thirty years. We would like about two weeks to make your custom flower/s, urgent orders may be made quicker by prior arrangement, where possible. Within this 'Custom' category, we showcase our speciality of hand made Artificial Flowers and arrangements.

Other custom flowers not showcased, may be made. Send us an image and we can say if we can make similar, and quote you.

Flowers showcased below are some designs that we can make from your fabric (to get an appropriate colour match) . If you are interested please contact us for more information.

For more information regarding our hand crafted flowers, please see our CUSTOM MADE FLOWER GUIDE  or Contact us.

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