Decorating the wedding party fashion with artificial flowers. July 31 2013

Weddings are an exciting time in the bride and groom's life, announcing commitments in the form of vows, in the presence of close family and friends, and after the formalities, a wedding reception celebration.

Wedding occasions can range from formal to informal, but no matter how formal the event, the underlying importance cannot be understated. Whether a wedding is formal or informal, there are still traditional and popular precedents for wedding party decoration.


The wedding party traditionally consists of: the bride, groom, one or more bridesmaids possibly including a matron of honour, one or more groomsmen including the best man, possibly one or more flower girls and page boys. The extended wedding party could also include the parents and possibly siblings of the bride and groom. So the wedding party could consist of between two and many members.


Some wedding plans include having the bridal party wear varying degrees of dress decoration, possibly to differentiate between the wedding party members and the invited guests or, following tradition, or, just to ensure that the wedding party looks beautiful on the day.


Wedding party fashion decorations can include: flowers, ribbons, jewellery, feathers, et cetera, or a mixture of all or some of the above. Flowers can be in the form of real flowers and or artificial flowers.


It’s hard to beat beautifully arranged fresh flowers embellishing wedding party fashion and the venue, but artificial flowers now look and feel indistinguishable from the real thing, with added advantages..


Artificial flowers can be a cost effective method of embellishing the bridal party fashion, transforming what might otherwise be a routine gathering, into a beautiful occasion. Some benefits of using artificial flowers instead of the real alternative, is, the cost can be competitive, the artificial flowers can be delivered long before the occasion, avoiding the possible extra stress of waiting for the real flowers to arrive on the big day and the possibility of occasional letdown, not getting exactly what you planned and not having the time to reorder the flowers from another supplier. Also, if the big day happens to be hot, or, if the venue happens to be outside or in the sun, and if artificial flowers are being used, then there is no worry about the flowers wilting. There is also the advantage of some artificial flowers being hypoallergenic for those in the wedding party that may be allergic to pollens etc.

Artificial flowers can also provide a long lasting memento of the occasion where in most cases real flowers will have to be thrown out in the next day or so. If using real flowers, artificial flowers can also be a good backup, in case there is some problem with the real flowers on the day. If the wedding or reception is in an unfamiliar location, interstate or overseas then taking your own artificial flower decorations may be a stress free way of knowing what decorations you are going to get on the day, well before the event.


Wedding party fashion can utilise artificial flowers for decorating the following:

  • The bride's: bouquet, throwaway bouquet, vale, bodice bustle, waist, shoulder, wrist, hair, shoes, accessories.
  • The bridesmaids: as above but possibly to a lesser or contrasting extent.
  • The groom: corsage or lapel pin, in the form of usually a rose, gardenia or carnation flower or bud. The colour of the groom's corsage could be white, ivory, red or in keeping with the bridal party colour theme.
  • The groomsmen including the best man: usually, as the groom above.
  • The flower girls decorations could range from being similar to the bridesmaids but on a small scale to just a colour themed flower in the hair, and/or a basket of petals that may be sprinkled when walking down the aisle.
  • The page boy/s &/or ring bearer’s decoration which can range from being similar to the groomsmen but on a smaller scale to no decorations but if the page boy carries a ring cushion, this cushion could be decorated with a spray of flowers that ties in with the wedding party fashion.


The extended wedding party:

Most importantly the mother of the bride: if wearing a hat could wear a beautiful custom-made spray flowers that could tie in to the wedding party's colour theme. If not wearing a hat then possibly a beautiful custom made artificial flower corsage brooch.

The father of the bride (or whoever is giving the bride away) and possibly the father of the groom: could wear the same decorations as the groomsmen.


The wedding party fashion can also be colour co-ordinated with the ceremony and reception venue decorations. Colour theme options are endless, from ivory to rainbow. Flower themes can be almost as diverse as colour themes, from roses to a combination of orchids, lilies and peonies, and so on. stock, and can custom make a comprehensive variety of artificial flowers and wedding party flower packages.


If you are planning a wedding or special occasion sometime in the future, and thinking about including artificial flower decorations as part of the wedding party fashion, please consider contacting silk flowers for friendly advice or a quotation ( or, checking out the artificial wedding flower product pages at


This article is a brief and general guide on wedding party fashion and is by no means a comprehensive and authoritative article. And of course different cultures can add their flavour to the local tradition making for a rich occasion.  For more detailed information pertaining to the traditions and responsibilities of bridal parties, further research may have to be sought.


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