completed a successful Shoalhaven and Illawarra Wedding expo July 30 2013 just completed a successful exposition of Artificial Flowers for the wedding party fashion and accessories and wedding venue decoration, at Shoalhaven and Illawarra wedding expos, on the New south Wales South Coast, in the last couple of weeks, showcasing a great variety of high quality artificial flower and related products. By far the most popular was the new generation of what's commonly now called 'real touch flowers'.

Many people passing our stand were shocked, excited and surprised at the realistic look and feel of today's artificial flowers compared to those of the past, and seemed to be enthusiastically open to the idea of having beautiful, yet sturdy artificial wedding bouquets, indistinguishable from their natural alternatives, that can be delivered months before the event, stored and retained indefinitely after the big day, as a wonderful Memento of the occasion.

For a good example of a simple yet popular 'real touch' rose artificial posy see..