The Bradford Potter Company is Celebrating its 90th birthday! September 18 2014

The Bradford Potter Company is Celebrating its 90th birthday this September 2014. Bradford Potter & Co started manufacturing artificial flowers in September 1924 and has been continuously making flowers and related products in Sydney and the NSW south coast since. have just completed a successful Batemans Bay Wedding Expo August 05 2014 have just completed a successful Batemans Bay Wedding Expo, at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club on Sunday 03/08/14. The expo was a well organised, very informative and friendly event. It covered, dresses & fashion, venues, cakes and catering, photography, celebrants and of course event venue decoration flowers, bouquets, fashion accessories etc..

Some images of the event below:






We will be exhibiting at the Shoalhaven Bridal Expo 6 July 2014 July 05 2014

We will be exhibiting at the Annual 'South Coast Register Bridal Expo' at Bomoderry Bowling Club on Sunday the 6th of July 2014 from 10am till 3.00pm. Free entry. Why not come in and see our, and many other exhibitors products pertaining to weddings and special events. This is the perfect opportunity to meet the team and check out our quality bouquets and related products first hand!

Welcome to (More..) February 20 2014

We make, import, stock, and sell, a comprehensive range of Quality Artificial Flowers and related goods, online. Flowers galleried below are popular across all our product categories.


* Our standard postal delivery charge is $12.50 (this covers most domestic orders, see: Shipping), if you order online, this $12.50 will be the final charge in the simple ordering process.

* To locate the artificial flowers you want, click the appropriate category on the 'Menu Bar' above. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, why not send us an email enquiry, maybe with an image attached. If you are unsure of our reliability and service record, see our testimonial page.

* We recommend our HELP faq's page for important shipping and other information.

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Product category links and brief descriptions below:


Custom made flowers - made from your fabrics (or ours) to your instructions for special occasions or applications

Wedding Flowers - typically used on the bridal parties fashion: dress, waist, head-wear, accessories, etc

         Wedding and Event Venue Decorations - artificial flowers for decorating churches, halls, marquees, etc

         Wedding Bouquets

         Wedding party flower packages

         Wedding party accessories

         Wedding charms

         Other wedding accessories

Fashion artificial flowers - artificial flowers in stock used to decorate general fashion, mainly with brooch clips (or no attachments ready for stitch attachment)

         Budget fashion flowers - a sub group of cheaper priced fashion flowers

         Hair flowers - Artificial flowers more suited for wearing in the hair (usually with hair clips)

         Fascinators - Artificial flower themed hair decorations with flair!

         Race wear - accentuated fashion accessories usually decorated with artificial flowers

Interior decoration - Artificial flower stems and arrangements used for decorating home and commercial interiors

         Budget interior decoration flowers - a sub group of cheaper priced interior decoration flowers

         Artificial Flower Arrangements - Artificial Flower Arrangements that we usually have in stock

         Australian Native flowers - Wattle, Waratah, Australian native flower arrangements, etc..

         Artificial Foliage - Artificial greenery, vines, hedges, grasses, etc..

         Artificial Plants - 

         Vases - decorative containers that are suitable for artificial flower arranging 

         Garlands - long trails or strands of foliage and or flowers

         Artificial fruit and vegetables

         Craft flowers

         Funeral and memorial flowers and arrangements




Valentines day coming up quick on February 14th February 04 2014

Valentines day coming up quick on February 14th. Search "Valentines Day" for our purpose made Valentine gifts like the classic simple bud bouquet below.


Dark red rose bud with babies breath gift bouquet 4132 - $10.00

Dark red rose bud with babies breath gift bouquet 4132

This gorgeous bouquet made up of a single rose bud (dark red), surrounded by white babies breath, will be the perfect gift for your loved one on valentines day. Limited stock. Order now to avoid disappointment!

New Artificial Flower range in stock at December 2013 December 20 2013

We have just received a new delivery of quite good quality, and competitively priced, Artificial flowers, that we haven't been able to load onto the website as yet, but here are some previews (if you want more info', please email):

Ivy: 1.8m Garlands $3.30ea, medium and large clusters and Ivy trellis.

Real touch Open Roses ranging to Buds.

Onion grass, two tone green, good size, colour and great price

Grape leaf garlands (2.5m).

Corsages / brooches / hair clips: 10cm+ (roses and gardenias) ivory, black and red (on home page).

Beautiful hanging Wisteria garlands and sprays

Lavender, both off white and mauve colours.

Vases crazed mirror pattern.

Assorted two tone green leaves

Rose balls white, in 3 sizes

Posies: peony, rose, calla lily.

Hydrangea, peony, banana, philodendron plants


Blossoms, lily's, daisy's, Singapore orchids, philonopsis orchids, rose petals x 500, babies breath, ficus leaf sprays, etc..

Decorating the Wedding Reception Venue with Artificial Flowers and Foliage August 31 2013


After finally deciding on, or booking a wedding venue, one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a Wedding Celebration is putting your own mark on the reception venue through the decorations. Turning a room, tent, or a yard, into something magical. There are many touches that can be added to the fixtures and fittings of a venue, and you can be as extravagant or as frugal as you like (or as your budget allows), and still get a great look.

Decorations can be professionally installed or DIY (do it yourself), and can range from something as simple (but effective) as streamers, through to image and laser projection shows and LED illuminated utensils.

Some Wedding Venue decoration basics may include:

  1. Adding a theme colour (eg: black and white, or, mauve, purple and white, the options are endless) possibly continuing on from the bride’s fashion and/or bouquets, and the ceremony venue theme (if at a different location).

  2. Adding a decoration theme or a mixture of theme decoration, elements (eg: flowers, real and/or artificial, balloons, garlands, ribbons, artificial or natural fruit, rosettes, bunting, fabrics (satin, organza, tulle, sheers), led lights, crepe paper, goldfish, candles, chinese lanterns, arches, backlit backdrops, sheer curtains, candy, flamingos, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, chocolate, costume gems and jewels, family cultural element decoration considerations, bomboniera, etc..)

    1. Artificial flower decorations may include:

      1. Table centre decorations

      2. Floor or pedestal vased decorations

      3. Petals distributed around the tables, floors, main table

      4. ivy garlands, trimming tables and columns, etc..

      5. Topiary plants or hanging topiary balls.

      6. Chair back cover decorations

      7. Table setting decorations (table centre, napkin, place name, guest gifts, etc..)

    2. Of course other decoration elements mentioned above, can be used in conjunction with each other, to give an unlimited range of decoration variety.

A good way to plan the venue decorations, is by dividing the venue into decoration zones (one complex task is conquered by dividing it into many simple tasks):

      1. Outside driveway and parking
      2. Outside entry

      3. Inside entry

      4. Main room

      5. Side rooms (if any)

      6. Bride and grooms table and surrounds

      7. guests tables

      8. The cake table

      9. Ceiling and/or walls (if necessary)

      10. Stage area

      11. Dance area

      12. Serving or bar area

      13. Highlighting the bride and groom's table with extra decorations and backdrops

      14. The getaway car (bride and groom's departure vehicle)

      15. Other elements unique to your particular situation

 Traditional decorations always include Flowers. Flowers always seem to give a welcoming and dressy ambiance to an otherwise ordinary venue. Today’s Artificial Flowers look and feel as good as their natural alternative, but with the added advantages:

    1. They can be purchased and arranged months before the occasion

    2. The cost is cheaper than real flowers

    3. You know what you are getting in size and colour as opposed to real flowers, where real flowers can change their appearance and availability as the seasons change, and, if, at the flower markets, unforeseen supply or demand issues, sells out of your choice of flower, on the morning of big day, sometimes forcing an urgent second choice decision

    4. Less fragile than the real alternative and they are mostly water and crush resistant

    5. They do not wilt in hot weather

    6. They can be used as a backup just in case

    7. They can be kept  and reused for other occasions and applications

    8. They can be mixed with real flowers

    9. They are mostly hypoallergenic, which is a big consideration these days as allergies are on the increase, achoo

    10. They can be transported long distances with minimum disturbance if packed appropriately

    11. They can be transported overseas without wilting or foreign quarantine concerns

Some examples of artificial flower decoration types can be seen below:

  1. Petals scattered over tables in a swirling pattern

  2. Red Rose bud posies as table centre decorations

  3. Forget me nots on the corner of the guest place cards

  4. Peonies on the chair backs

  5. Gladioli, tulip, blossom, lilies and babies breath vased on pedestals placed strategically around the venue or behind the Bride and Groom’s table

  6. Ivy or grape leaf garlands trimmed around or on the tables

  7. The possibilities are endless!

If you are planning a wedding or special occasion sometime in the future, and thinking about including artificial flower decorations, please consider contacting 'silk flowers' for friendly advice or a quotation ( or, checking out the artificial wedding flower and interior decoration flower product pages at

This article is a brief and general guide on Wedding Venue Decoration and is by no means a comprehensive and authoritative article. For more detailed information pertaining to wedding venue decoration options, further research may have to be sought.

Further reading:

Decorating the wedding party fashion with artificial flowers. July 31 2013 completed a successful Shoalhaven and Illawarra Wedding expo July 30 2013 just completed a successful exposition of Artificial Flowers for the wedding party fashion and accessories and wedding venue decoration, at Shoalhaven and Illawarra wedding expos, on the New south Wales South Coast, in the last couple of weeks, showcasing a great variety of high quality artificial flower and related products. By far the most popular was the new generation of what's commonly now called 'real touch flowers'.

Many people passing our stand were shocked, excited and surprised at the realistic look and feel of today's artificial flowers compared to those of the past, and seemed to be enthusiastically open to the idea of having beautiful, yet sturdy artificial wedding bouquets, indistinguishable from their natural alternatives, that can be delivered months before the event, stored and retained indefinitely after the big day, as a wonderful Memento of the occasion.

For a good example of a simple yet popular 'real touch' rose artificial posy see.. will be exhibiting in the Illawarra wedding expo July 10 2013 will be exhibiting in the Illawarra wedding expo at the win entertainment Centre in Wollongong on Sunday, 14 July 2013 from 9 AM till 4 PM. If you would like to see close up, our wedding bouquets, posies, bridal hair flowers, wedding fashion flower's, wedding venue decoration flowers, etc.. , why not call into the wedding expo and say hello. We will be at stand 28 of the Main Arena floor. There is a $15 entry charge per person but if you're interested in seeing all things wedding on the south coast in one place, this will be the place to go.

New shipment of Australian Native Artificial Flowers June 05 2013

 A new shipment of Australian Native Artificial Flowers has just arrived including: Artificial Waratah, Wattle, Penny Gum leaf stem, Kangaroo paw, banksia. We will be listing these items on the website directly but if you need something not yet listed please contact us. Australian Native Artificial Flowers in the form of arrangements, backgrounds, corsage (Wattle), are good for Australian National and State related or representative occasions. They are colourful, decorative and are identifiable with Australia. We can supply individual stems directly through our website ecommerce function or, we can custom make Australian Native Artificial Flower arrangements in many forms. See: is transitioning to a new website October 04 2012

 04/10/12 is transitioning to a new website.

After nine years Bradford Potter Pty Ltd is upgrading its website. This should make online shopping for artificial flowers a more informative, convenient and pleasant experience for both the customer and window shopper. We hope you find the new website comprehensive and responsive.