Custom Silk Artificial Flowers July 22 2016

Here at Bradford Potter Silk Flowers we hand craft beautiful silk and artificial flowers to our customer’s specifications. Sounds easy right? But what exactly does the process involve from concept to completed product? First of all, we consult with our clients and if possible look at pictures and fabric swatches to determine what their requirements are and make sure we have the same vision as them.  Then the fun starts!


Our team of floral artisans treat the required fabrics with a special solution before cutting out the petal and foliage shapes. Next the petals are heat treated using time honoured methods and vintage brass hand tools that were made in Germany in the early 1900’s.







Depending on the flower we then move on to combining all the pieces of the flowers – the stamens, petals and calyx – and arranging them into exquisite detailing for fashion, millenary, bridal couture or costumes for the stage and screen.


 If you are interested in seeing some of our work on stage, check out My Fair Lady - soon to be opening at the beautiful Sydney Opera House. We had a lovely time working with Tony Award Nominee John David Ridge who designed the costumes for the upcoming production. It was such an honour to bring his floral visions to reality and a joy to watch him work.


 We created many flowers for My Fair Lady, several of which we had never before attempted. We do love a challenge! Of course you may just need a one off piece for a costume or special occasion. We can do that too! Over the years we have created many stunning custom flowers for bridal couture including gown embellishments, head pieces, mother of the bride corsages, lapel pins and venue decorations. Bradford Potter are one of the very few specialist manufacturers of custom artificial flowers in the world. Since 1924 we have been supplying happy customers with exceptional products and our friendly, professional service.


Weddings, couture, stage, screen, special events and gifts. There is always a reason to feel special and individual wearing custom artificial flowers created just for you. If you would like to talk to us about some custom flowers, then give us a call or contact us by email.


When emailing please feel free to include pictures of your desired flowers – even if they are real – as we can replicate most flowers using our specialty equipment.  We love to meet with you too, and we love to custom design flowers that can become ‘your own trademark flower’. Think of them as a business card for your fashion pieces.