Wedding fashion flowers June 23 2013

  Wedding fashion flowers for the purposes of this article are artificial flowers that can be used on the bride or wedding parties attire. Not to be confused with the bridal party bouquet/s, or the wedding venue decorations.These articles should follow soon.

Artificial flowers handcrafted from a great range of fabrics can be used to effectively embellish the wedding party fashion. The possibilities are endless, for example: flowers on the hair, the dress, the shoes and a multitude of other accessories of the wedding party. Flowers can be used to decorate: the waist, the shoulder, the bodice, the bustle or as a unique focal point on its own.

Flowers can be purchased from stock online, or they can be custom made to your unique specifications.

Fabrics that can be used in the crafting of artificial flowers can include: the actual fabrics of the garment, silks, satins, georgettes, chiffons, velvets, et cetera. 

Flower types that can be made, include: Roses, gardenias, camellias, Lilly's, blossoms, and the list goes on.

For an informative guide to artificial flower making and ordering, see: our custom made flower guide

If you are thinking of using stock or custom-made artificial flowers for your wedding party fashion, please contact us for friendly advice or a quotation. Bradford Potter Pty Ltd are the only specialist artificial flower makers in Australia, with a long history, they have much to offer in the subject of artificial flowers for fashion.