Decorations with a Distinctly Australian Flavour June 23 2013

Sometimes an occasion presents itself with the need to decorate whilst emphasising a distinctly Australian flavour. This could be for a national, international or state event, or simply a homecoming celebration for a family member. Artificial Australian native flowers are a simple and effective way to bring a colourful national essence to any occasion. 

Popular artificial Australian native flowers can consist of: wattle, waratah, flannel flower, kangaroo paw, banksia, bottlebrush, eucalyptus or gum leaf foliage, et cetera. Arrangements of Australian native artificial flowers can range from something as simple as a wattle lapel corsage or brooch, to a full arrangement or sheath.

Occasions can range from events of national importance to a simple arrangement just to show you have some relationship with Australia. Some teams going overseas find that a small flower brooch highlighting an Australian native flower can be in some way uniting and indicative of an Australian group. Also a simple small artificial Australian native flower posy can be used as a mascot or an impressive colourful (light, portable and to a degree crush resistant) gift whilst overseas. Being artificial flowers, also circumvents the need for Customs and quarantine declaration which may be an inconvenience if carrying the real or dried equivalent.
Australian native artificial flowers can also be used as a funeral or memorial tribute that shows some clear connection with Australia.
If you have the need for an Australian native artificial flower arrangement or similar please contact us for friendly advice or a quotation as we have experience in the field of artificial flower configuration in many different applications.