When You Lose A Loved One May 27 2016

Funeral service flowers, or sympathy flowers, are a common way of showing your love and respect for the recently departed. They also express sympathy and support to the family and friends left behind.  Whether you order a large casket arrangement or a simple elegant wreath, flowers are certainly one the most enduring traditions at a funeral service today


Generally when we think of funeral flowers we think of fresh flowers. Like all fresh flowers these arrangements will only last several days before beginning to wilt. We suggest looking beyond fresh flowers to artificial flower arrangements. Particularly if you would like to keep them as an enduring memorial to your loved one.


When done correctly, artificial flower arrangements are every bit as beautiful as the real thing. Some varieties are so realistic most people would be surprised to learn they are in fact artificial.  If the cemetery you have chosen allows flower arrangements, the artificial flowers can be used to decorate the gravesite for extended periods. For many people, placing a token of love at a gravesite is a significant part of grieving.


Wreaths are a common choice for graveside tributes and can be customised to suit the departed loved one. Small in-ground or picket vases can also be tailor made if one of the lovely pre-made arrangements aren't quite right. Every cemetery is different in regards to regulations, so please check what is allowed before purchasing flowers for grave sites.


With regards to sending flowers in sympathy, if you don't wish to disturb the family at this time, you can always contact the funeral home. They will almost always know the specific wishes of the family as well as any possible restrictions at the intended resting place. 

The staff at Bradford Potter Silk Flowers are always here to help you choose a thoughtful and appropriate arrangement to express your condolences. Flowers can be packaged for delivery or delivered within the Shoalhaven region.  Large flower arrangements may be transformed into smaller posies or arrangements for the home after the funeral service.